Craigellachie salmon fry survey

Due to the wet August weather a few of the mainstem salmon fry index sites were still outstanding. Dropping river levels recently provided an opportunity to complete all outstanding surveys as well as allowing us to repeat some surveys to assess the impact of the mega August spate and the mainstem mitigation stocking.

As usual we videod the surveys. The 3 minute survey at the Craigellachie site just upstream of the Telford Bridge can be viewed here. At the site we caught 100 wild salmon fry and 6 parr, better than the average from that site over the last three years. We also caught 12 fin-clipped (stocked fry) from the mitigation stocking carried out in some beats in the lower river following the August spate.

Watch the video and you will see that we caught fry on almost all the sweeps of the electrofisher -encouraging results after the spate.

Spey Fishery Board