How Do I create a Listing? It is FREE to add your business listing to the site, you will need to update it frequently and all listings are displayed in the most recent order first. To create a listing, go to the “List Your Business” Link at the bottom of any site page.
My Listing has not Appeared All new listings need to be approved prior to being available on the site. Once that is done you will receive and email to let you know it is now available to view
How do I edit My Listing? There is a link at the bottom of each site page to Edit Your Listing. If you go there you will need to enter your email address and access key to make the changes. If you have forgotten your access key, you can request that it is sent again from that page too.
I have changed my listing and it does not show on the site. What has happened to it? All changes, or additions, to the site must be chacked by the site admin BEFORE they become visible to viewers. What happens is that the listing or entry, is disabled until that check is completed. Once it has been done your listing will be visible again.This is a manual process, so please be patient while we get to it.
Can I have a listing with Images? The FREE listings do not include images or other upgrades, and they are displayed below all other listings. If you go to the List Your Business link at the bottom of any site page, you will see the options available.




How Do I take a banner advert? Please see the link at the bottom of any site page named Advertising for the availability and rates.